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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taste by Kate Evangelista




Finally! I feel super happy and satisfied now that I have read this book! :) 

Although I must admit at first I thought that it had a bit of similarities from the manga and anime Vampire Knight.  With the Day and Night Students and being in a boarding school as well. Not to mention the pills too. But, the story itself was still different in a way. While reading Taste I was very much excited into seeing what ill happen to Phoenix after the first chapter and her encounter with Dimitri <///3

The Characters:

I feel sad for Phoenix though, having lost your mother with a disease that the doctors were not able to cure is really painful and hard; not to mention that her father had been cold to her as well after that tragic loss is just painful. :(  on another note though as the story progressed I think things for started to be more strange between finding out about the night students (Zhamvy) and her soon being somehow temporarily turned into one. not to mention having a connection with Demitri, the guy who saved her from gettimg kicked out and being a meal of the night students she asked for help.

Dimitri on the other hand is someone who to me at first is a bit controlled. Like someone who always wants things to be in order. But as the story progressed, another side of him appears. Someone who wishes to be free from his duties to his people. he also cares for Phoenix though he doesn't really seem to show it that much at first. my favorite part was when he finally admitted (well sort of) his feelings for Phoenix:

“I am drawn to her, father. Is that not how we find our partners? We answer thecall from deep within us for another.” Happiness underscored my worry. My heart wanted me to run to Demitri‟s side then and confirm what he was saying. I wanted to defend him, to shield him from  persecution. But Yana‟s tight grip kept me in place. I couldn‟t move even if I wanted to.And a small voice inside me warned that if I said anything I might make this experienceworse for Demitri. “But you willingly entered a betrothal with Calixta.” Darius stated.Demitri nodded. “I did it for my people. I believed I would not be fortunate enough to meet the one who could change my world with one glance, one word, one kiss.” He paused. “But I have. I am fortunate. Like you, Father. Like you, Mother.” He looked at the woman beside Darius. Her face softened
 Luka!!! <///3 Awesomeness!!!  :)))) somehow at one point in the story I really thought he might actually end up together with Phoenix. Since he's like kind and somehow understanding of her as well! :))Not much to say about Luka really. :(

Fave Luka lines:

“I would make a better match for you,”
"I want her,” Luka continued. “Besides, you can never give her the kind of affection she needs.”
“Why not? When I see you, all I want to do is kiss you.”

Rating  5 of 5 Stars :) 

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