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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elixir (Covenant #3.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Elixir (Covenant #3.5)



 Having the story said in Aiden's point of view has left me feeling sad and sorry for him. Since just when he and Alex are finally together, her awakening separates them again. it's just sad since now all the Apollyon Alex wants is to be by Seth's side. :( Especially when he is forced to do something he knows Alex hates. :( 

But then again still love that tiny bit of moment between them towards the end at least :) 

Thick lashes fanned her cheeks again and a grin tipped her lips. “I
think I am in love.”
Six words stopped my heart when facing down a horde of daimons
She bit her lip and a faint blush stained her cheeks. “I feel it in
here,” she said, placing her hand against her chest and then against her
stomach, “and here. It’s like there’s not enough air or room inside me.
That I may… burst out of my skin or drown in it, and that wouldn’t be
a bad thing. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I always have… and
will.” She tipped her chin up and her entire face was a rosy color. “It’s
you. I… I love you.”
Heart pounding, I swept her against me in a fierce hug, lifting her
off her feet. Her giggle was smothered but light. I buried my face in her
hair. “I love you, Alex, always you.”

haaa.......what a lovely moment :) 

Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Deity (Covenant #3)


the first few chapters was pretty cool since finally there are Seth-Alex moments! :) and they seemed so cute together! >///< like really really! but then again that didn't last long. soon troubling things start popping out and wow! Aiden is by Alex's side once again! :))and soon when the truth comes out Aiden confesses what he truly feels for Alex which is great since they could be together at last. :) but that moment again didn't last long. Since again reality comes back and they have to face an upcoming was that is caused by Alex's stepdad and Seth. WHich is sad really,Since Alex still does care for Seth. Not to mention her awakening is near as well. 

All in all this book has taken me into a very much emotional ride! :) of Awesomeness!! :))) Nut even thugh I am now even more of a Aiden-Alex team, I still kinda feel sorry for Seth since he couldn't see that what Alex was saying to him is true that Lucien is really just using him. :( 

5 of 5 stars <3 br="br">

Swoon #YABound (7)

 It's that time again! We created a HOT meme, and if you're new to the game, here's how to join in the fun:

From the book you’re currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering.

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 Still Swooning over Taste by Kate Evangelista :) <///3
 The heat in his eyes interrupted the rest of what I wanted to say. I gasped. If I'd known he'd get mad, I wouldn't have gone down that road. Demitri closed the gap between us. A static current shot from my nape to my heels. He reached out and rested his hands on the banister, corralling me within the circle of his arms. The moment his lips touched my ear, I shuddered with such force that I thought the ground would crumble below me.
“Demitri, step away from me,” I pleaded.
 My mind screamed, yet my heart sang. The intimacy of his body pressed against mine had me wanting to slam my elbow into his gut. But a deeper part of me wanted more. I didn't know what to listen to: my mind or my heart.
“Did he touch you?” he whispered.
I swallowed, confused by his question. “Who?”
“Luka. Did he kiss you?” His growl reminded me of rolling thunder. I hesitated, unsure of how to answer.My control died little by little. The sheer masculinity of him overwhelmed me. I could no longer piece together a reason why I had to stay away from his touch. In answer to his question, I shook my head.
“Good.” His voice turned rough.“Why?” I asked.
“Because,” he paused, his breath hot on my neck, “you belong to me.”
 Our lips met, greeting each other with a fierce kiss of welcome, of wanting, of longing. With one hand, I gripped the arm he had around my waist while I lifted the other to his hair, snaking my fingers into the silky strands. His other hand lifted my chin, allowing him to deepen the kiss.When Demitri broke free, I found myself gasping for every breath. My fingers on his arm hurt from holding on so tightly. My heart bounced around in my chest like a pinball. I couldn't quite focus.
“Did I make my point?” he asked. << From a chapter in Taste :)

  SWOON #YABound