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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elixir (Covenant #3.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Elixir (Covenant #3.5)



 Having the story said in Aiden's point of view has left me feeling sad and sorry for him. Since just when he and Alex are finally together, her awakening separates them again. it's just sad since now all the Apollyon Alex wants is to be by Seth's side. :( Especially when he is forced to do something he knows Alex hates. :( 

But then again still love that tiny bit of moment between them towards the end at least :) 

Thick lashes fanned her cheeks again and a grin tipped her lips. “I
think I am in love.”
Six words stopped my heart when facing down a horde of daimons
She bit her lip and a faint blush stained her cheeks. “I feel it in
here,” she said, placing her hand against her chest and then against her
stomach, “and here. It’s like there’s not enough air or room inside me.
That I may… burst out of my skin or drown in it, and that wouldn’t be
a bad thing. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I always have… and
will.” She tipped her chin up and her entire face was a rosy color. “It’s
you. I… I love you.”
Heart pounding, I swept her against me in a fierce hug, lifting her
off her feet. Her giggle was smothered but light. I buried my face in her
hair. “I love you, Alex, always you.”

haaa.......what a lovely moment :) 


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, I love your banner! Armentrout is an amazing author, I love the way she writes her characters. I'm looking forward to more reviews by you!

    New follower, I'd appreciate it if you checked my blog out as well! :)

  2. I loved reading from Aiden's POV. Really helped me understand him. Yes I my heart broke for him but I love him more now.



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